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AlumaHex v2 Specifications


Frame: Aluminum Hexacopter

Diagonal Wheelbase – 1380mm

Frame Arm Length – 430mm

Frame Arm Weight (Including Motor, ESC, Propeller ) – 707g

Center Frame Diameter – 560mm

Center Frame Weight (with Landing Gear, Battery & Gimbal Plates) – 11.0Kg

Landing Gear Size – 550mm(Length)×625mm(Width)×500mm(Height)


Stator Size – 88.6×40mm

KV – 170rpm/V

Max Power – 2000W

Weight – 500g


Working Current – 100A

Working Voltage – 6S – 12S LiPo

Signal Frequency – 30Hz ~ 450Hz

Drive PWM Frequency – 8KHz

Weight (with connectors) – 75g

Propeller (2 piece)

Material – High strength carbon fiber

Size – 26×8.5inch (30×10.5 Optional)

Weight – 38.2g (Full Propeller , 2 pieces)

Flight Parameters

Takeoff Weight – 15.0Kg

Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) – 25.0Kg

Power Battery – LiPo (6S,16000mAh~22000mAh,15C(Min))

Max Power Consumption @ 100% Throttle – 12,000 W

Hover Power Consumption – 2220W (@15.0Kg Takeoff

       Weight  -Working Load)

Hover Time – 25min (2x22000mAh @ 11.0Kg Takeoff Weight)

       37min (4x22000mAh @ 25 Kg)

Working Environment Temperature –    -10 °C ~ +40 °C

Flight Control Auto- Pilot

DJI A2 or A3

System Components


A             Aircraft & Radio Control

                A.1 Airframe, hex configuration, Red anodized

                A.2 Motors, 6x

                A.3 Propellers, 3x CW, 3x CCW

                A.4 Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC), 6x

                A.5 Flight controller/GPS

                A.6 Power Distribution System,

                       up to four batteries supported

                A.7 Landing gear, retractable, Quad

                A.8 Radio control, transmitter, battery    

B            FPV Video/Telemetry Sub‐system

                B.1 SD Video Camera

                B.2 OSD Telemetry

                B.3 Video Transmitter

                B.4 SD Video Receiver/Monitor

                B.5 Mounting hardware for Monitor (to A.8)

C             High Definition Video Down‐Link Sub‐system

                C.1 HD Video Transmitter/receiver

                C.2 HD Video Monitor

                C.3 Mounting hardware for Monitor (to D.3)

                C.4 Battery for HD receiver & monitor

D             Camera/sensor gimbal Sub‐system

                D.1 Gimbal, 3‐axis w/Radio control receiver, battery

                D.2 Mounting hardware for Gimbal, top & bottom

                       of aircraft

                D.3 Radio control, transmitter, battery

E              Battery charging Sub‐system

                E.1 Dual 30A Li‐po chargers in carrying case

                                         w/universal AC power supply

F              Batteries, flight

                F.1 22AH Li‐po battery, 6S, 22.2V, 40C, 2x




                Center to center distance, motor

                        shafts/propellers:  ~1380 mm

                Height, bottom of landing gear (down position) to

                              battery plate on top of frame:  ~640 mm       

                Center plate, generally hexagonal, corner to corner:

                            ~560 mm

                The six arms may be folded down and propellers

                             removed to facilitate transport.


                Aircraft w/o batteries or payload:  26 lbs.

                22Ah Battery:  5.5 lbs. each (11.0 lbs per pair)

                Provided gimbal w/HD transmitter:  4.5 lbs

                Example camera/lens (Canon 5D Mk III/50mm

                          f1.4 lens):  2.8 lbs (not included)

Flight times

                Aircraft w/ 2x 22AH batteries & no payload

                          (37 lbs. take off weight):   25 min.  

                Aircraft w/ 2x 22AH batteries & example payload

                          (44.3 lbs) 17 min.      

                (Maximum FAA permitted Take Off Weight

                           for sUAS is 55lbs)

                Flight times are with no less than 20% battery

                           capacity reserve upon landing.

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